Our members tell us that helping others has helped them connect with people, it has broadened their social circle and they get a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from using their skills in different ways

“Volunteering for the BBA has been a very good choice.We have become part of a lovely team who are available to help support people when they are at their most vulnerable and when they are often unable to communicate. We can be a comforting presence”   AC and DW

The British Benevolent Association is very happy to welcome new members, whether permanently resident in the Girona region or just regular visitors. The more people that support us the more we are able to continue to offer our voluntary services. Membership costs just 10 euros per annum and you can be involved as much or as little as suits you. 


There is no requirement to be an active member, although many of our members take part in or host fund raising events, some join to volunteer their services and others spread the word through the other groups they are in. Members also promote our fund raising efforts and come up with suggestions for other ways to raise funds, your ideas and support are gratefully received. Go to the Membership Application Form and Join Us Now!