We always welcome new members and volunteers. You may find yourself driving someone to a hospital appointment, or, visiting someone in prison, or, helping someone apply for Spanish residency.

Whatever your skills and experience you will be welcome as a volunteer


“Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world”

 Matilda – Roald Dhal

All of the help we are able to give is thanks to the commitment of our many volunteer across the region who respond to our ever increasing requests. Those requests for help grow every day and are becoming more diverse. As well as individuals approaching us we now have doctors, health and social workers plus the British Consulate in Barcelona and the Honorary Consul in Girona all referring cases to us.

What have our volunteers been delivering?

Many have been providing the sort of social and support networks that older residents miss out on here, with no family living close by. We have also assisted visitors or families of visitors and residents where a death has occurred or there has been trouble involving the police. Sometimes our work is just a case of gathering information and making enquiries to pass on and assist. The roles are so varied our fully insured volunteers have to also have a mix of skills. You might be a brilliant carer, someone with great IT skills, speak different languages, someone who enjoys driving and doesn’t mind ferrying people around. You may have an admin background, an understanding and working knowledge of social media and could give us a hand with managing our day to day activities. 

What our Volunteers have to say

“It feels good to know that I have given someone a helping hand when they are going through a difficult time and hopefully have made them feel a bit better. I’m sure if I ever find myself in a similar situation I would really appreciate someone being there to help me” A

“Now I am retired I found I had time on my hands and missed using my digital design and marketing skills, supporting the charity with their website  has been really rewarding and hopefully benefitted the community they aim to reach ” AMS 

How to Join Us!

Complete the Membership Application form by following the link below ensuring you tick the Volunteer box and answering the subsequent questions relating to areas of interest, experience and skills you feel might be useful and an indication of your availability. Please feel free to contact any member of the committee to discuss if you feel you need further information before applying. 

Membership Application Form