The Time Bank – Calonge i San Antoni

The Ajuntament in Calonge and San Antoni have come together with local people to set up a Time Bank. Their aim is to foster community and bring people together in new community spaces and to promote collective activities that allow people to exchange skills.

This looks like an exciting new venture that will benefit people in the area and help social inclusion, give people the opportunity to develop new skills and provide social opportunities. In the current economic climate exchanging skills for free seems a really good concept

The areas of activities they expect to take place are wide ranging from arts and crafts to caring for others, gardening, cooking, languages, IT and much more. To find out how you might be involved check out their details and get in touch. The information is translated into a number of languages including English so it would seem likely that there will be multilingual people involved and they want to include the whole community. Initial contact is by email so no worrying phone calls for non-Catalan/Spanish speakers. 

The website is still being developed so a little patience or use google translate option, it is obviously a very new concept but we think sounds really exciting and innovative.  To go to the informative pdf  leaflet which goes into more detail click here. To go to the website to register click here and use the Google translate option.