This week has seen some of our hottest temperatures this year

We all know the benefits of sunshine, apart from making you feel good we get oodles of Vitamin D and a nice healthy tan, the emphasis there is on healthy! There are dangers that can so easily be avoided, like sunburn, or, worse more long term effects. Lots of other considerations to safety in the sun includes being safe around water.

Even for those who are resident here for many years we may still forget how quickly the sun affects us and after a rather wet spring we are also itching to jump in the pool or the sea. As well as good tips for tourists it’s worth a reminder of top tips to avoid the not so great effects of sun, sea and sand and how to avoid them.  Some of the following may seem like teaching your grandma to suck eggs, or, common sense BUT every year we have fatalities so worth reminding ourselves

If you love the summer, the beach, the sun and a perfect tan don’t forget to . . . . 

Avoid going outside during the hottest hours of the day – between 12 midday and 4 pm

Siesta time is best to rest in the cool of your accommodation or take a long leisurely lunch out of the midday sun. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, white meat and fish. You can enjoy excellent seasonal dishes such as fresh salads, gazpacho or natural juices. Much as we all like a glass of beer or wine it is important to drink plenty of fluids that hydrate the body, alcohol is notorious for making you dehydrated so in the sun stick to water or non alcoholic beverages. The new zero beers and lagers don’t taste any different. Even if you aren’t thirsty don’t forget that it’s essential to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Apply sunscreen frequently when doing any outdoor activity – don’t be tempted by the low numbers and oils go for a good SPF 30 or higher and for your face carry a little tube of SPF 50, your face will thank you when you are 50!

Children as we all know have much more delicate skin which needs the highest child friendly suncream you can find, applied every time they are in and out of the water, long sleeved thin cotton tops and hats and plenty of shade

Swim safely when swimming be aware of the flags flying on the beaches and where your lifeguards are located, watch the way the waves form and be aware of rip tides which can drag a swimmer out very quickly. Be aware of sudden changes in temperature when entering the water do it gradually, particularly older or people with certain health conditions

Pool safety there has recently been discussions in the media of over reliance on arm bands, flotation devices and flotation vests. All of which are good ways of giving a child confidence in the water but they should only every be used with adult supervision, know where your child is around water at all times

Sunglasses which have a UV filter will protect your eyes and wear a hat or cap that protects your head from the sun, plus if it’s a cap you choose to wear don’t forget to cream the ears and the back of the neck!

Wear light, comfortable and breathable clothing,  mosquitos are less attracted to lighter colours too which gives us a chance for a PS here, mosquito repellent applied after your shower before the sun goes down and carry afterbite for the inevitable itch, few are lucky enough to avoid at least one bite over the summer

Sports opportunities on the Costa Brava are plentiful, cycling, paddleboarding, padel, tennis, golf, snorkling, horse riding, climbing, paragliding and much, much more. Even sightseeing int extreme temperatures can cause problems for the body overheating. You should always avoid the hottest times of day. It’s best to do any activities in the morning from 7 am to 9 am, or in the evening from 8 pm to 10 pm and for those that involve watersports be aware that on the water you will feel cooler but burn quickly!

Air conditioning is not the only remedy for the heat. We close our windows, pull our blinds down or pull our curtains shut, trapping the cool night air in and keeping the hot dry heat out. A cool or cold shower will help you cool down after time out in the heat.  Once the sun goes down that’s the time to open up and let the cool air back in. Using a fan once the air is cool is often better than air conditioning which can make you hotter when you walk outside

Avoid using appliances that produce heat (such as ovens or irons) during the warmest hours of the day

Feel free to comment if you have great tips to add and to be prepared on your arrival at your resort make yourself aware of your local farmacia, always a good first port of call, and the local Health Centre and be sure to carry your EHIC card – for other help please feel free to contact us





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